Why VasTree

We are a company that does not limit our agents in their income or opportunity. VasTree is effectively responding to the needs of agents everyday through our unique self-service work center, increased earning potential, coupled with strong support and marketing services. We are successfully redefining modern real estate business operations by providing a unique non-traditional brand that gives agents more to succeed. From our unique business structure to our modern office layout VasTree is leading a revolutionary movement in the real estate industry. 

VasTree combines the power of human connection and the internet into a powerful platform that provides freedom, flexibility, and residual income to our agents. By focusing on our agents’ productivity and potential, we help our communities thrive and improve lives.

VasTree is built upon trust and integrity no other company can match. The culture of VasTree is reflected from the integrity and core values of our agents. As a result, our global family of real estate professionals experience rewarding careers and relationships.

With one of the most lucrative and truly fair commission plans available, the VasTree system is able to reward more agents with more earnings.


Our Recipe to Your Success

VasTree Exclusive System

Innovative tools give you the flexibility to work completely mobile with no mandatory meetings or quota required.


24/7 Access to VasTree offices

VasTree offers a modern, transparent, and professional environment for you to work, socialize, and meet with clients. Once you’re part of the VasTree family, you can access our work center anytime with a key card.


Best commission program in the industry

Successfully maximize your earning potential by keeping the majority of your commission on all of your transactions. Leave the traditional compensation model behind forever with our fair no-split commission model. VasTree gives you one of the most lucrative and fair commission structures around as we reward more agents with more earnings.


Complimentary Full Service Marketing

Our marketing department provides business cards, professional property photography, flyer design & printing, drone photography, and more. VasTree has a strong social media presence giving you more exposure and credibility with your clients.


Quality Control

Our culture of high quality service, integrity, and transparency is reflected in all facets of the VasTree system, from our fair compensation to our office layout. We are committed to keeping a solid reputation with our clients and the communities we serve.


Committed to helping you build your business

Increase your success without being charged desk fees, monthly fees, membership fees, or hidden fees ever. Be worry free of required floor duty or sales volume requirement.


Real Support from Real People

We recognize the power of human connection. Access to VasTree office, online support, and immediate broker support are available even on weekends & holidays. Our licensed staff are always here to help you.


Be part of the team that is an emerging powerful leader in the industry

VasTree was founded on the principles of trust and honesty, emphasizing the importance of having the integrity to do the right things & always putting our clients’ best interest at heart. Many agents are leaving traditional real estate companies to join our movement recognizing the ways VasTree is a forerunner in leading, developing, and growing in the industry. If you are ready to take your career to the next level, VasTree is the company that you want to be with.

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